Wendy and I spent the afternoon working on our pallet seat. It’s really similar to a little bench. The job was rather simple. I believe we did the entire thing from start to finish in under four hours with really no strategy in place. The only thing we utilized apart from a fancy pallet had been six bolts (+washers and nuts), a couple feet of 1×4 to fill in certain gaps and a lot of[…]

Pallet Chair

I had been on a helpful thread with a number of my own homesteading friends earlier this season. The conversation has been about hacking on chest freezers to be more toaster. Simply swap out the thermostat using a $16 component and you’re finished. My uber expensive energy celebrity fridge/freezer stinks about 1.6kWhrs each day. Tomorrow you can vote and go, or you can do us all a real favor and hack on a chest freezer[…]

Chest Fridge

I did not make these modifications with a doomy perspective. The epiphany that motivated me was one of a better world that followed a great collapse. So here we are. A number of my friends no longer think I am nuts. The nearing conclusion of oil and the collapse of the financial system have set rapid shift in motion. Oil had allowed us to fraction ourselves off by the normal world and build an artificial[…]

The Greater Depression – Renaissance Finding