Tips On Staying Safe When Snow Season Is Coming


During the months when there is heavy snow fall one could not help but think of a better safety and security when you travel on the road.

Commuting and driving on a dry road is quite dangerous the way it is now with the traffic condition and speedy drivers. What more on a snowy road? Even on a thin blanket of snow fall could pose a potential risk on a vehicle, its driver, and of course the passengers.

According to statistics, driving in the snow is a major cause of accidents in the road. It is also important to know how to determine a powdery puff texture of snow to a treacherous one. But nevertheless if you can’t avoid it do not go out for a drive in the snow.

However, there are several ways on how to drive out in this severe weather. First things first. Be prepared. At the first sold breeze of the season, check your local weather report. Be keen on updates for precipitation and wind direction. Take the weather man a little seriously!

Prepare your vehicle for snow travel. The most important part of a car to prepare are the tires. Invest on snow tires or wet weather tires and a sturdy torque wrench recommended by TW. They cost a little extra but they are definitely worth it. Consumers voted Dunlop’s Graspic DS-3 as one of the best ice and snow/ winter tires out in the market. If you can’t afford winter tires then opt for the old fashioned chains on your tires. Check your car’s breaks and engine as well. You might find it hard to find a mechanic in the severe weather if you are stuck out on the road. Double check your car’s heater if it works efficiently. These are just the common items in your check list when you decide to brave it out in the snow.

supply-kitOther items in your list would be first aid kit, flashlights, extra gallon of gas, and a shovel for worst case scenarios (in case you get snowed in) and also the most important piece of equipment your mobile phone. Check for the phones batteries and bring along your car adapter for charging your batteries in case they run out of juice.

There are water shedding products that can be applied onto the exterior of your windshield and on the car mirrors to prevent the snow from blocking your view as you drive. Check also for accidents along the way to signal you of impeding danger. Listen to the radio at all times while driving so that you will be updated with the latest local news, traffic and weather reports.

You might say that these are all too much! It is like preparing for doom or something but it is never a joke when you get snowed in or trapped while there is a sudden blizzard or snow storm. Again, the best advice to give is just to stay put. If it is not important do not leave the house. Weather can change in a flick of a switch and you might go out in a fair snowy day and get stuck along the way.

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