Ways in Reducing Fire Risks


Fire accidents are one of the most common causes of death in accidents that occur at home. Every year, the number of fire victims keeps on increasing especially during hot weathers. Many ordinances are already passed and were set up in many countries to decrease the rate of increase of fire accidents but still the number of families being affected by fire accidents each year is just fatal. The boom in technology may be one of the reasons for this alarm. People are just vulnerable to threats of fire accidents because of the increasing demand in technology nowadays. People are always using electrical appliances; various chemicals are now being used in the household and many of such chemicals are susceptible to fire – these are just few examples of how people become at risk in fire accidents.

Reducing the risk of fires can be done by modifying certain areas at home. The safety precautions that can be taken on each household can help save lives and properties. Reduction risks can be done in a wide array of activities that ranges from very simple to very complex. Here are some notes to consider in helping reduce the risk of fire accidents starting from the most complex to the simplest:

House Designs

Nothing beats a house specifically designed to fight a fire. A house with a fire emergency exit and a smoke detector system (or a fire alarm system) can really help eliminate fire risks. Walls which are fire-proof are now being used in newly-built houses. Good water-proofing designs can also be considered such that switches leading to the wirings will not get wet easily.The said risk reduction measures are very costly but can be very effective.

Safe Electrical Equipment

In recent years, the number of fire accidents of which the cause is faulty electrical wirings is increasing. It even surpasses the number of fire accidents of which the cause is cooking accidents. A good design on the electrical wirings will be the key to eliminate faults on such. Why design a wiring which would not eventually carry the heat generated by electricity. It is recommended to consult an Electrical Engineer for the good design of electrical wirings.

Fire Fighting Equipment

If the house is already built but the design of it permits high vulnerability to fire, then one might consider having firefighting equipment like fire extinguishers,sand bags and the like at home.These equipment must be placed on a conspicuous place at home so that people will be able to see it once the need arises.

Being diligent at home

Keeping away flammable materials like kerosene, petrol and other chemicals for various needs may decrease fire risks. These materials should be placed on a safe place at home which is far from open sources of flame. Also, keeping cooking fires enclosed when not in use can also help eliminate danger of fire accidents.


In the end, our vulnerability to fire accidents will always be present on our everyday lives. But we have a lot of ways on how to somehow decrease the possibility of it to happen.

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