Home Siding Options


Home sidings provide protection to the house from the effects of weather. It serves as a cladding of your home purpose to shed water. Other side bit purpose would be the beautification of one’s building structure. They can be made from different sorts of materials. Forms also are created in many ways. It comes from shingles, sheets, horizontal boards, or vertical boards. These home siding options can be worked through overlapping, interlocking, covering, or sealing.

Choosing right home siding options must be carefully reviewed and highly considered. There are actually five issues that need to study and must not be taken for granted.

Is it water resistant?

Since home sidings are designed mostly for exterior, then they are more exposed to climate changes. If they are not resistant enough, then make sure they can outstand different kinds of weather. Just like stucco, which they absorb moisture as well as dries up easily.

Does it fit to your home?

Not only the main purpose should be considered but also see to it that it fit your house. Over applied dangling and ornaments can ruin your house’s aesthetics.

Is it durable?

Their objective is to protect the house, and they should have enough strength to resist whatever temperature a weather could bring. Also, low maintenance depends upon the durability of your installed home siding.

Is it insect-free?

Insects tend to destroy your newly installed home sidings.

What color of paint I should use?

Since beauty is your second consideration, you should select the color that catches the eye of passersby. The outward appearance of your house plays a vital role in stabilizing the consistency between the interior and exterior elements of your home.

When the question about choosing the right home siding options, one must have a know how about the materials. Since home sidings options comprises of many materials, then it is advisable to study and compare their qualities before proceeding from your hasty decision. Here are the lists of various options for home sidings:

Stucco  – mixture of cement, sand and water. Traditional. Flexible to weather and affordable. Striking texture. Used as coating (paint alternative).

Stone – one of the strongest siding. Beautiful and can stand on weather. Costly and natural. No need of paint.

Fabricated stone

Stone veneers

Brick – durable, affordable, and beautiful.

Fabricated brick

Brick veneers

Wood – popular. Conventional with a sign of sophistication and elegance. Natural and environment friendly. Very affordable. Flexible but frequent maintenance. Prone to rot. Comes in different shapes.

Bevel siding

Shakes and shingles

Board and batten


Split logs

Metal – strength and long lasting. Prone to rust. Maintenance-free. Not east-to-do type.

Aluminum – wide range of textures. Can last-longer. Low maintenance required. Prone to damage if compared to vinyl. Easy to clean.

Steel – durable. Termite-free and long lasting. Pocket friendly.

Vinyl – least expensive. Easy to install. Comes in a lot of color varieties. Maintenance Free.

Cement – paint friendly material. Easy to handle. Affordable. Concrete durability

Fiber cement

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