6 Cool DIY Tree Stump Creations That Will Change Your Lifestyle


There are many ways you can find useful wood logs without having to destroy trees anyhow. If you happen to come across a few logs while taking a short tour or from hiring a tree removal professional like 72tree.com/tree-removal-atlanta/, consider bringing them home. Although they might seem useless at the moment, you can use them to create lots of fun projects such as a flower vase, practical storage shelves, wooden clock, and many other brilliant ideas. In this article, we are going to look at few tree stump creations that you can do them by yourself.

Wooden tree stump on wheels

1-diyThere are unique ways in which you can bring nature inside your house. The fact that logs are considered heavy and can be tricky moving them around your room, you can add some wheels and create a flat surface on top where you can place a few items.

You will have to purchase three or four trolley wheels that can be fixed underneath the log and it becomes functional.

A stationary table


It is possible to create something unique within your compound such as a stationary table. It is one of the simple DIY projects you can complete successfully without much hassle. Once you cut down the tree, the remaining log that is rooted to the ground can still be useful.

Make sure that the cut surface is totally flat before you consider adding a well-furnished round wood to form a table. Although you can give it another shape, the round also looks perfect as well.

Tree stump Garden


It will depend on how shallow you want your tree stump to be as long as it is wide enough to hold some colorful flowers. You will have to spare your time to dig up a round hole at the center of the stump in order to add some soil.

Afterwards, you can plant your favorite colors and furnish the outer parts of the wood. The process of refining wood surfaces requires a special bleach that will give it a desirable surface.

Crow’s Nest and Slide


Do you think your kids will like this? It might take some little time to get the right log height for the job but it is simple to get things working. It creates a natural crow’s nest and a slide for your kids to play. You will need one tall log and two small ones for a perfect setup.

The supports on top of the log that forms the nest can be purchased or made locally. It is also possible to find a simple slide in the market that can fit perfectly with the height of the log.

DIY furniture bedroom


Most individuals who prefer a natural setup will be amazed by how this tree stump design can change the overall appearance of your décor. Look for a perfect log and cut it just the right size for your bed.

Your beautiful lamp shade will rest on the top surface and can be adjusted to the right angle. You can also curve a diagonal shape from the middle of the log halfway, where you will keep a few books or magazines.

Tree stump fairy house


You can also create a colorful miniature fairy garden using a tree stump. This will require a lot of skill and art. This design features a staircase that leads into a small fantasy house. It is equipped with some light that makes it visible at night and a few items inside can create a good impression on the viewers.

You can go ahead to create a small window and add little decorations on the outside to make it more appealing. It can be a center of attraction to anyone who visits your home.

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