Lawn Aeration 101 – An Introduction


If you have notice hard areas in your lawn, you definitely need to do lawn aeration. This will make your lawn beautiful and healthy once again. The process is done by creating holes in it so the roots of your lawn grass will grow deeper and lets them breathe. It will expose them so that they can have easy access to oxygen and water. You can also put the fertilizer easily when it is necessary.

Entangled roots are one of the reasons why there are some hard areas in the lawn. Due to this, water cannot penetrate in the soil even if how much you water it. Foot traffic or the increasing of your lawn’s passerby also a cause of the lawn hardening. And the last reason is because of lawn thatches that are build up and have not been detached for very long time. Thus, lawn aeration is essential. Punching a hole using a lawn aerator or spiked shoes will do the trick.

Lawn aerator is a hard labor, especially if you have a wide lawn. However, you don’t need to do it all the time. Once in a every two years will be good enough. But if you think that you should aerate your lawn more often, then why not do it?

There maybe times when your lawn’s soil is too hard to manage the aeration. You may need to water it several times as its first approach. This could speed up the process and it could bring better and satisfying outcome.

Depending on the location, most people are doing lawn aeration during August or September. They say it is the most perfect timing because usually the soil is compact during Fall season. Others are aerating during Spring, but as I’ve said, it all depends on the location.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration

In order to have a healthy, good looking lawn, one must take lawn aeration as a very crucial practice. If your lawn has a lot of traffic just like parking lots, sports and school lawn, and children’s park lawn, lawn is important to remove hard or compacted soils. Lawn aeration usually done by punching holes so that grass roots can breathe fresh air and water can flow directly. It should be done at least once in every two years.

The benefits of a good lawn aeration performance are actually worthwhile. If you have small compacted lawn surfaces, it will take only one to two days. If you have larger yards, then you can actually hire some buddies or experts to assist you.

Soil compaction.

If your lawn is vulnerable to too much foot traffic, lawn aeration can relieve soil compaction.

Air and Water Penetration.

Since lawn aeration activity involves digging regular size holes, roots can penetrate water faster.

Root Development.

Because air and water, which are important for the growth of grass roots, can access freely through the holes, roots can grow deeper.

Fertilizer Accessibility.

Using the holes, fertilizers can be put directly to holes.

Soil microbe increase.

Soil microbes are very important. Without them, grass cannot get the nutrition unless microbes work in the soil. They convert the nutrients from the soil into something a grass can use to grow.

Remove Thatch Build Up.

Lawn aeration as well as soil microbes can remove thatch build up.

Enhance Sunlight Accessibility.

Sunlight is also needful for plants. If there are lots of build-up thatch, heat will not likely to penetrate to the turf.

Healthier Lawn.

Lawn aeration can ease the provision of necessary elements needful for grass. Moreover, it takes away the hedges that prevent them from growing. Thus, lawn aeration can renew your lawn and make it healthy and green once again.

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