How To Have A Good Home Security System


Our home will always be susceptible to crimes. If one will talk about common home security crimes, home burglaries must be the “gold in the garbage”. This is for this reason that we should consider having a well-secured property – AT ALL TIMES! Here is where a good home security system might come into place. In many countries today, the number of crimes which involves forced entry into houses or should we call “unwanted intruders” is really alarming. The increase in the figures of such crimes which causes great damages to lives and property is upsetting that more efficient ways about home security must be disseminated to the public.

The alarming figures and the effects that it can serve now being said, one might think how to prevent this from happening to their own homes. A few general notes can be considered as tips so that one might have a greater idea about the prevention of these crimes. Usually, thieves break into homes during the day because it is the time when many people are at work. Moreover, there are many types of break-ins. One of which that is constantly climbing top the list is unforced entries – meaning someone was able to walk, climb or crawl inside of the houses. So there are variations indeed with the way intruders can break into your house but there can always be ways on how to keep them out of your home. One might think that you should have a highly-expensive home security system like having alarm systems and the like, but there can be simple ways on how to eliminate risks to home security. Try considering the following:

Locks and Keys

Be sure that you don’t hand out keys to friends. Although you know that these people are trustworthy, there can be possibilities of crime involving them. Also, you should consider having duplicate keys for all your family members. Never use hide-a-key or leave the key on different places inside the house just for the reason that your other family members need to get into the house. These intruders are professionals; they should know the twists and turns behind hiding keys. So have those keys duplicated now! Also, be sure that you know where your keys are located – don’t get messed up on key-storage places.

The locks should complement the keys. Why would you need a key if you don’t make sure that all the doors or windows are locked? So make sure that all possible entry points in your house are well-secured (i.e. even if you are not away)

Be Rational

Why would you let a stranger enter your house? Be sure that you can consider simple things like this. Be rational! Just let people (especially, complete strangers) enter your house if they have legal businesses with you. Also, by thinking rationally, don’t be predictable to thieves. Try shifting your schedules within the day. Remember that these intruders are professionals; they would not break-in if they have not studied you and your routine beforehand. Finally, don’t leave trace marks (which might lead towards your identity). Trashing out those grocery receipts and making sure that it will not get into you is equivalent to being cautious in giving sensitive and personal information to others!

Be Alert

Nothing beats a person who is always alert. Always make sure that you are observant to your environment. Ready out those emergency numbers in conspicuous places!

These are just few ways to an efficient home security system – just be logical in whatever way you choose. After all, it is your property and life which is at stake.

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