Vintage Bonkers

I go to a lot of yard sales. My home is composed of what I find there. Sometimes I make a couple of bucks selling my finds on ebay and this gesture prevents me from the risk of being a hoarder. I don't collect. Objects move through me. I consider myself a rescuer of things heading for landfill.

Last week I found myself mesmerized by a pair of gold painted birds from the 50s. Was I having some kind of flash back? Were these at my grandma's in the Bronx and my subconscious mind, having remembered them, went into some kind of pleasure overdrive? I had to have them in spite of the layers of dust, chipped paint and high price considering what they are. I pad six bucks for the pair and took them home figuring I'd put them on ebay or something.

I find myself unable to part with them and yet they go against everything I know about myself. They're ornate without any function, a category I don't gather and keep. They're ridiculously grandam too. Since they've been with me they've inspired me to start a painting, yes featuring at least one of them. Then I thought of a series based on them. I moved them from a to be listed on ebay pile to my desk. I wonder if a dust based vintage minded parasite has moved in to my brain making me unable to part with them. Ahhhhh!


jodi said...

I think it's because they look like they're straight out of the garden of Rumi!

Wendy J. Tremayne said...

I think you may have nailed it jodi!!

Kath said...

Beauty IS a function, too! Think of it as medicine for a tired mind...

They are really gorgeous, I could look at them for a long time, too.

(Don't list them on ebay lest I might have to buy them LOL)