Wahoo We Grew Cauliflower

Cold crops are always tricky for us. Each time we successfully grow a cauliflower or broccolli it's a big deal. Tomorrow I'm going to sous-vide the cauliflower into steaks which is my favorite way to eat them. Wendy likes to blend it into a fake mash potato.


Angela said...

Awesome! I planted 4 cauliflower starts in my garden in the fall and they're just now starting to grow. Maybe they'll be edible by September. Kale does well up here in the winter. Next winter I hope to do more veggies.

Mikey Sklar said...

I love dehydrating kale into chips and I wish we could grow it all winter. Without protection it only does well in the spring/fall for us. We have a lot of kale coming up now which we will be eating daily in about 3 weeks.

I see that we are confirmed for a upcoming book talk at Village Books in Bellingham this June. No date yet, but it will most likely be in the 3rd of 4th week.

Good luck on your cauliflower.