Tarp Surfing

Tarp Surfing by mikey and wendy
Tarp Surfing, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.
This is most likely the first time anyone has tried tarp surfing in Truth or Consequences, NM. Our friends had some old tarps which we zip tied together. We quickly figured out that the bigger the tarp the more fun the surf would be.

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bayrider said...

Love it, that's my kind of fun. I started skating a few years back at age 56, it's been a huge kick. I was out paddling and downhilling on my longboard today. Usually I ride behind my big black lab around this country block at high speed, he loves to pull flat out, it's wild but very controllable, a lot like wakeboarding using the tow leash as a balance point.

I just came across your blog today via your friend's ebook and it's going to the top of my list, you guys are really impressive, full of wisdom, creative spirit and practical knowledge. We moved out of SF to the NORCAL countryside in 2001, we're pretty self reliant but I see we have a lot to learn from you two, thanks!