Macbook Air Battery Replacement

My macbook air is from 2010 and has been a sweet little laptop. It's battery life has been reduced to lasting about 90 minutes from what was once 6-9 hours. I finally ordered a replacement pack on ebay and swapped it out. It's easy work with the right tools. It requires a torx T3 for the outer screws and a torx T4 for the inner ones. Doing this on my own for $60 was way better than the alternative of mailing the laptop to Apple and paying full price + labor for the swap ($129).

Macbook Air Battery Replacement #2

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Killbox said...

Very nearly had a battery pop in one of those at work.. and sadly our ebay battery didnt work, now waiting for it to get rma'd from china. My co-worker asked if it was possible to un"dent" his macbook air, he though someone had stepped on it. when i pointed out it was not dented but bulged on both sides.. i said it needs to go in for surgery STAT! here is a photo. http://www.flickr.com/photos/killbox/8409874338/in/photostream