I Claim This Land!

I Claim This Land! by mikey and wendy
I Claim This Land!, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.
This week I learned that land can be claimed. Yep just like that a person can put a stick into the ground with a note on it that says how much land they claim. As far as I know this can only be done on Bureau of Land Management land, which is our land, the people of the United States.

While hiking in Palomas Gap the other day we found a claim that amounted to a stick in the ground with a tupperware bowl on it that contained a piece of paper with a claim. The person making the claim claimed an old mine and the area around by about 600' in each direction.

Claiming a Mine


morgaineotm said...

Yes you can do this, but I believe you have to do more to keep that - like actually file a paper claim and pay yearly fees.

T said...

A little more than 10 years ago I went to the BLM office in Salt Lake City and spoke with some people there. If I recall correctly, in Utah it is (or was back then) required that you show evidence of economic activity ($1,000 or greater) coming from your claimed land in order to maintain the claim. I asked one of the people working there if everyone who had a claim (and maintained the claim every year) actually had a $1,000 of economic activity coming from each claim. She said, "No". But the rules said you had to show it. I never talked to anyone who had stated or maintained a claim (just people who worked at the BLM) and I gave up the pursuit as I wasn't interested in maintaining a claim.