Dutch Oven Recipe : Milk Braised Pork

I've been trying dozens of new dutch oven recipes and this latest one produced a pretty nice main course. I braised two pounds of pork sirloin in a 1.5 cups of milk with some nutmeg and butter for two hours. It's a simple mostly hands off recipe that I like most about it. We also recently bought half a pig from a local farmer so I'm experimenting with different pork options.

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morgaineotm said...

Uncle Dick's Chicken (recipe from an old murder mystery book that takes place in the four corner's area - I believe called The Blue Corn Murders - or something like that) is for the same thing with chicken. Amazingly good for something so simple. thanks for the new direction with pork. will give it a try!
Oh, same book has a recipe for making cookies with corn meal . .