The New Boombox

The New Boombox by mikey and wendy
The New Boombox, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.
With all the smart phones, tablet and laptops being bluetooth enabled we really don't need much in terms of audio equipment in our home. We just switched to using the 16W Supertooth which has a built in battery, amp and speaker. All of our technology talks to it so we can use play all of our audio from any device in the house. If we need to go on the road just grab the Supertooth and it can work in the vehicles and hotel rooms. The built-in lithium battery lasts about 10 hours.

In trying to stick to a model of get rid of something for every thing you acquire, we're hoping to pass on our existing speakers, a nice set of JBLs acquired at a garage sale but less portable and flexible than the SuperTooth.


Bob Stevenson said...

Yes, but are you both musicians?....and what is the sound quality like?

Wendy J. Tremayne said...

I used to be a prof musician, bassist. The quality is OK, the JBLs are better for sure. But I'm willing to give something up in order to gain the functionality. Of course we could keep em both but we try not to amass a lot of stuff.