Sign of The Times - Handoff of Wealth

We hit a garage sale this weekend and picked up some high end goods that we don't typically see at garage sales, like these chairs we put around our fire pit. This sale seemed to be a sign of the times. It was at a nearby new development that was started well into the housing market collapse and to anyone who was paying attention was destined to fail. Though it never did reach full occupancy, now it is clearing out. One has to wonder who's going to pay for the grounds upkeep, the fancy golf course and club house?

As we drove to the sale we wondered who in the fancy development was breaking the rules and having a garage sale? Most developments like this have rules against them. The garage sale was at the home of the front man for the development and a main investor. He was walking away, and heading back to Colorado. At the garage sale the usual scavengers plucked high end goods for cheap and headed home to sell them on ebay, a handoff of wealth.

As we drove home with our bounty we observed that the trailer parks in town were full as usual. This was noticeable having just come from the semi vacant and half finished development. We talked about how we'd soon use the development's trafficless fresh paved roads to rollerblade and skateboard. Back in town people were walking up and down Main St. and Broadway. The homes in town are comparably cheap and yet it was full of community. The development felt lonely.

This got me wondering about wealthy today. The forms are changing. We go to a lot of garage sales and we can tell when a home is getting foreclosed. For one thing they always have a new car that we reason is because the owners are too cash poor to buy a used one. Like the house, it was purchased on debt. Time runs out on these trades, just like it seems to be doing for these developments.

In town we have something in common with many of our neighbors. We bought an old mess of a lot and fixed it up on money we already had using our own labor and we built out of waste instead of new materials. We skirted debt and in the exchange we gained experiences and knowledge. We won't be running back from where we came with our tail between our legs.

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