Last Chance to Prune

Last Chance to Prune by mikey and wendy
Last Chance to Prune, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.
I enjoy pruning trees. Though I once nearly killed a dwarf apple tree by over doing it. Some are easier than others. This desert bloom requires clearing the lowest part of the main branches so that is grows more like a tree than a bush. It is already putting on fresh spring growth. Mexican hat, flea bane, lilac, filare, are all sprouting. But I don't consider us past a last frost until the mesquite puts on its first fresh green leaves.

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dave said...

In my area, these are called "Desert Broom" because a limb cut off one looks a lot like an old fashion straw broom. There also considered a weed. I regularly cut the darn things down and get rid of them.

They have a bloom that is a lot like the dandelion and the tufts float through the air and plug up everything. Allergy sufferers can't be around them; the pollen is too intense. The tiny blooms smell really sweet and attract bees by the hundred. One of them I had was by the door and the bees were all over it for a couple of weeks when it bloomed. Made getting out the door a little dicey. It left piles of debris all over the place.

When you finally get tired of cleaning up after it, cut it off close to the ground and spray the green with Roundup when it comes in. They're very hard to dig out.