Video: Best Coffee Making Setup

After years of using a vacuum pots, blade grinders and the occasional french press we have switched to a entirely different setup to making our morning cup of joe.

Aero Press + Burr Grinder + Vacuum Sealer + 175F makes a really nice cup of coffee.

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buildchimp said...

I recently discovered the Aeropress too, as part of a recommended travel setup I came across. I had a small brass Zassenhaus burr grinder I've been using for Turkish coffees for some time now, and I find that it fits perfectly into the hollow of the 'press' in the Aeropress. This makes a nice, compact kit for the road.

Another thing I found for the Aeropress is a reusable stainless steel filter. I find that paper filters take out a lot of the varietal flavors I love in my homeroasts, but the steel ones let those oils through without a problem. Also, you don't have to continually throw away / replenish filters.

I wonder how many coffees you'd have to make to overcome the embedded energy of the steel filter, and make it a more sustainable choice than paper filters?

Anyway, great post!