A Week of Dutch Oven Meals

I'm happy to report that I've found yet another obsession to dominate my attention. Yes, it is the dutch oven and am I impressed with what it can do. I love the toss in some chopped up ingredients and come back in a hour style of cooking. I've only used our indoor stove/oven and outdoor solar oven. No fire pit yet. Here is what we made this week with it.

avocado frittata
kimchi jigae (stew)
rye bread


Amin Dawdy said...

Care to share the Rye Bread recipe?
I've been experimenting with all rye bread; love the flavor. Yum.

Mikey Sklar said...

Sure, i do a simple sourdough, no-knead rye bread.

Start by mixing the dry ingredients:
- 1 cup white flour
- 1 cup rye flour
- 1.5 t salt
- 1 T caraway
- 1 T onion powder

Add the moisture
- 2 T EVOO
- 3 c rye sourdough starter

Cover in saran wrap.
Hold at 85F over night.
Transfer to baking container
Bake at 350F for 50 min

Jay said...

Dutch Ovens and Rocket Stoves are a natural match.

Great way to sear, saute, or even fry foods. Just use common sense respect and safety practices for oils and fire.

I notice your Dutch Oven is the stovetop style, and doesn't have the rim on the lid that helps hold hot coals on the lid for Dutch Oven baking. A great tip I have used is to make a metal ring out of whatever scrap metal you have laying around and bend it to the same diameter as the rim of your Dutch lid. That ring allows you to pile hot coals on top of the lid like a Cast Iron Camp Oven. That way you can brown items on top when cooking with fire or coals.

Just be sure that the metal ring has a really good fit to the cast iron surface or the dust and ash will tend to shake off the lid and drop into your food. The heavier the ring the better, so it won't want to move around as easily.