Maintaing Yeast Starters with the YATC Temperature Controller (Customer Video)

Nick a home-brewer and recent YATC customer just pointed us towards a lovely video he posted. He not only shows a complete assembly of the YATC temperature controller. Nick also shares how he keeps his yeast starters at a ideal 70F to prevent stuck fermentations.

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Jay said...

Congratulations Mikey!!!

YATC has officially become a part of popular culture.

Just in case you are not aware, last week's episode of the TV animated show, "The Simpsons" included a 1 or 2 second glimpse of a YATC!!!

There is a scene in the episode titled "Pay Pal" where a chef cooks a Sous Vide in a crock pot, and the controller is a near dead-on artistic depiction of a YATC.

I doubt this second or two of free publicity will strike much of an impression with the general masses and send your sales through the roof, but it must rank pretty highly on the "cool-o-meter."