Korean Lacto Kimchi (from the source)

I've been selling my Pimp and YATC kits to people all over the world. This means I end up getting into discussions with some of the customers. A recent client from South Korea gave me a kimchi recipe which tastes amazing after just 1 day of being stored at 80F.

(1) Napa Cabbage
(4) green onion tops chopped
(3 T) grey salt
(1) yellow onion (half chopped / half blended)
(3) limes (juice blended)
(3 T) Cock sauce (aka Rooster / Sriracha sauce)
(2 T) Red Pepper Flakes
(2 T) Fish Oil
(1 C) Warm Activated Whey


AllenR108 said...

That looks tasty.

Mikey Sklar said...

@AllenR108: I'm very proud of this one. Delicious.