Best DIY Home Heating : Cheap & Easy Passive Solar

Wendy shows how easy it is to open and close curtains for passive solar heating. Our home heating bill has never exceeded $45 for a 1,100 square foot uninsulated trailer. The night time temperature that this film was made was down to 6F with windchill and day time high was only 36F. No heating was required during the day and the home heating unit only kicked on 3 times for 15 minute runs during the night to maintain a stable 60F indoor temperature.


Alderrr said...

Hi Wendy,
What are your heavy drapes made of? The mylar and diffuser layers make sense. When I went to make heavy curtains I stalled out choosing fabric -- I originally wanted to make them out of felt, but then the lady at the fabric store steered me hard towards blackout fabric. Is that what you used?


Mikey Sklar said...

i used a synthetic blend upholstery fabric. the inner liner is silk. works great!

Maxcactus said...

I have found in life that it takes about as much effort to achieve 90% of a goal as it does the last 10%. There is a saying that goes, Perfect is the enemy of good. I like your approach to home heating because you took advantage of the easiest 90%. This is something that everyone can easily adopt. Thanks

Rachel said...

If only I could stand 60 degrees. Being an Arizona gal I can't stand too much below 68 and actually I'm cold at that temp.

Allan Mullaly said...

Hmm..if one can act on it so can do it but I like to use best Amana furnace for home heating system.