World Without Color

World Without Color by mikeysklar
World Without Color, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.
Mikey and I tested out a new costume at a Doomsday party last night. A costume party, each was asked to dress as their favorite end of days disaster. We went as greyscale, our disaster, a world without color. For it we had to cover all of our color: gloves over the hands, full make up to the shirt collar. I made grey blush for bringing our faces back to 3 dimensions by mixing white and black eyeshadow and stirring in flour.
The trick is most easily seen when we were around colors. In certain environments it appeared as if somehow we were cut into the world in black and white.
Luckily when we awoke this morning there was plenty of color in the world.

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Jay said...

You may consider a world without color to be a disaster, but I seem to recall Martin Luther King having a dream that was very close to just such a world, and in his dream, the colorless world was a near paradise.

I guess it depends upon your perspective. If a world without color also happened to include an end to all racism, perhaps it would also include an end to all race wars. Would that be such a disaster?

I'm not predicting that it would all turn out that way, but they say all dogs are colorblind. They are also said to be "Man's best Friend." If all humans were colorblind ... or ended up in a colorless world, perhaps we all would be good friends too.

Granted, this is a rather large stretch of logic, but if it were true, such a colorless world might turn out to be a much more colorful place in our hearts. Isn't that where it counts most?

Something to think about, at least it is a different perspective. Beauty in a colorless world may very well depend upon people seeing deeper into each other than just looking at the surface.

In any case, good job on the interesting costumes.

Wendy Tremayne said...

Well yes jay a far reach from what we meant by a World Without Color, perhaps I should have called it a greyscale world. Your comments ring true and are a good reminder. Years ago when I was a bassist in a rock band we wrote a pop song called Just Like Me. about a world without diversity as you are describing. Of course we were trying to prompt thought with the song. Here's the track.

I will add to my New Year wishes a colorblind world as you describe.

Jay said...

I hope you didn't take offense at my comments.

I fully realize that you were speaking from a completely different frame of reference, and I did not intend to imply otherwise. In fact, I specifically stated that I was looking at your colorless world from a "different perspective." Just another way of looking at it.

Your post got me visualizing a colorless world. For whatever reason, after a few thoughts of the drabness, my thoughts drifted away from the monochromatic visual you so artfully presented, and more toward the potential change in the way people might think about each other in a more positive way. Sort of a day dream of thought.

Yes, I strayed a significant distance from the original intent of your post, but that is exactly why I thought I would share. Sometimes sharing these disparate views can stimulate very interesting and worthwhile thoughts and ideas.

Perhaps it is exactly because your post referenced a the monochromatic that got my brain thinking in such broad terms. How many of us see a simple line drawing and instinctively want to get out our crayons and fill in the blanks in the coloring book presented?

Your interesting post presented a vivid image of a coloring book just waiting for my imagination to fill in the blanks. I couldn't resist allowing my imagination to run wild.

Smile! I have plenty of crayons, and I'm happy to share them. Feel free to continue to color the blanks. You can even color outside the lines, if you want to. :)

Wendy Tremayne said...

I didnt take offense Jay, I found it interesting. Cheers!
: )

Wendy Tremayne said...

I didnt take offense Jay, I found it interesting. Cheers!
: )