Try Droplifting as a Holiday Elf

Next friday night, Dec 7th T or C's holds its annual Old Fashioned Christmas. Broadway will be lit with fire barrels, there will likely be a live nativity scene at the church, everyone comes out to walk around and take in the fires and wish each other happy holidays, OK actually they wish each other Merry Christmas. I live in a town where my tribe is too thin to form a minyan but lets not get hung there.

Mikey and I will be attending dressed as elves and doing what we call "droplifting." We stuff red fleece sacks with an assortment of stuff no longer useful to us (our free box) and make our way around town seeking recipients for the goods. Sometimes we also pass around marshmallows and sticks for roasting them, sometimes cookies. I carry a book of snarky xmas songs for the right occasions and a nose flute should I need to prove to a 7 year old that I am in fact a real elf. Last year I gave earmuffs to a shivering cop, a scarf to a cold mom, a car wash coupon to a dad wearing a ten gallon hat who I presumed drove a dual suspension pick up.  
2012 marks me and Mikey's 11th year droplifting as holiday elves. I admit, it is one of the things I most love doing. It transforms my junk into treasures, magic treasures because they have been given by a real magic elf, albeit a Jewish one. This post is our suggestion to you to join us and give being an elf a try. Perhaps your community hosts a holiday party. I'm sure you'll find an appropriate application. To participate you need only an elf costume (on any scale), some junk from your home, some courage and a bit of joy. If your experience is anything like ours, after about 15 minutes you may realize you are no longer pretending to be an elf. 

Pass it on and have fun.
(image: T or C's Old Fashioned Christmas Schedule)


Lexy said...

I've been looking forward to this post! It finally feels Christmasy.

Lexy said...

I love this post! It finally feels like Christmastime (and Chanukah).