The Pattern of Me

I've always wondered if making my own patterns would lead to perfectly fitting clothing. Imagine that? Today I made my first pattern. I can't exactly say that the fit has that oh so perfect feel of being just right. But that's not because it's not possible so much as that I just need to hone my skills. But I did make one darn cool sweater and it fits.

I began by making a pattern out of butcher paper. I simply traced a top I like. Having made this first item I can see what needs tweaking the next time that I use the pattern.  I'm on my way.


Al Bossence said...

Like that sweater style & colors.

Thanks for the thoughtful insight on the Forbes article.


saichah said...

Little by little, you'll learn classic cuts and play with them, you'll fall in love with old clothes that you will remodel. I transformed jeans into bags, skirts...Just have fun :)