Super Sized World

Super Sized World by mikey and wendy
Super Sized World, a photo by mikey and wendy on Flickr.

In a near emergency we found ourselves in a Kmart, first time in 10 years. Mikey and I stopped in our tracks before this candy display and remembered when these chocolates came in tiny boxes. The super sized world makes me wonder about what is precious. Money is the most abundant and least scarce thing on earth and yet we give it the greatest value (at least for now). The diamond industry spends millions securing the illusion that their cut carbon is scarce. A box of chocolates can hardly be experienced as a precious gift when it's the size of a Honda.

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Jay said...

Not to burst your bubble or anything, but even though the smaller sized boxes of chocolates have always been common, the large "family size" or "party size" boxes of chocolates have been around for generations.

I'm older than either of you two, and I have a photo of my grandfather holding my father when he was an infant in front of the Christmas Tree. Sitting on the table next to the tree is a box of chocolates bigger than the big boxes you display in your photo.

I still remember going to my Grandparents' house during the holidays and arguing with my siblings about which chocolate had the best filling. (Gramps always bought a big box each year and would offer each grandkid one chocolate each day during their stay, and offer a chocolate to any visitor that came to the house.)

As I recall, the larger sized boxes only showed up in stores during the holidays. The smaller boxes were the ones that were more typical the rest of the year and were given as a gift to that extra cute girl when you took her on your first date to help win her over.

That said, your comments about super sized consumption in our current society does have great deal of merit, even if this particular example has a long history.

(btw... I still say coconut filled are best, no matter what my bratty sister says about those artificially pink creme filled things. Yes, we still argue about that... and she's still WRONG!)