Missing Cat : Baby IO

Missing Cat : Baby IO by mikeysklar
Missing Cat : Baby IO, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

Our massive 25 lb white siamese snow shoe kitty didn't make it home last night. He goes outside in our yard each day and just hangs out. We are asking our TorC friends to keep a look out for him. He has a blue collar with his name, blue eyes and is a giant. He was last seen at 8:30pm Tuesday, Dec 19th. He missed dinner and breakfast which has never happened.


Anna said...

I hope he comes home soon! In hopes of easing your anxiety, I thought I'd tell you that one of our spoiled cats disappeared for a solid week. We called and combed the farm, but no answer came. Finally, we found him holed up in an abandoned building a tenth of a mile away. Nothing was wrong with him...he just needed some personal space. We brought him home and he's never gone walking since. Hopefully your story will end as happily!

Jody said...

I hope your big white kitty comes home soon. He may have gotten a scare and ran for the hills, or could be locked up some place...may he return soon.