Learning to Heal

We had a day of figuring out and learning about rabies and cat health. We talked to friends, talked to an X vet, did some research. Our cat Scardy got skunked last week and was acting like a rabid lunatic. I explored his body and sure enough found an abscess, his ornery behavior began to make sense. A friend who works with animal control checked with Fishing & Game. There are zero reports of rabid animals this year. We were able to conclude that Scardy has an abscess and start treating it. First I put him on Silica a homeopathic remedy, then antibiotics, today we taken on the oh so gross harpooning of the abscess. We did this once before for our other cat, not fun!

I'm always happy and impressed when situations like this get figured out through friends and networks. Thanks everyone.

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Cheapchick said...

Wow! What a relief. Hope your kitty heals up