LA Influenced

I visit Los Angeles a couple of times a year. I catch up with high school friends who moved there to raise a family. This week I celebrated my 45th birthday there. This birthday felt different from the rest. My hair is turning white. I have spots on my face from the sun.

On the way to LA I spent one night at The Spring where my friends bought me a birthday facial, one designed for aging skin of course. I loved it. Even Mikey noticed my skin when I got home. At the spa I learned about vitamin C syrum for reducing wrinkles and removing sun spots.

By now your probably thinking that for a homesteader I'm sounding a bit, well LA. I did not buy a hundred dollar pair of jeans or handbag with a large gold ornament on it. No stiletto heels or logoized sunglasses either. And I won't be getting botox. I did not buy vitamin C syrum. But I did learn to make it!

Here's the recipe I started out with, it took 5 minutes to make. I'll test it all week and see if modifications are needed.

Equal parts: vitamin C, vegetable glycerine, and distilled water.
Sources of vitamin C - (some people mix the two)
Synthetic: L-Ascorbic Acid
Natural: Camu Powder

Mix vitamin C powder and water first until well blended, then mix in vegetanle glycerine. Store in an amber bottle in the dark.

Note: Once soluble vitamin C goes rancid fast, make only enough for a week, then make a fresh batch. Also, vitamin C syrum can cause age /sun spots if applied in the morning. Apply at night before bed. Application: can use on sun spots to reduce them, on wrinkle areas like crows feet, or on the whole face.

Have fun!

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Jay said...

For 45, Wendy sure looks 30.

Mikey on the other hand...

Has he ever ACTED older than 12?
(heh heh)