Downside of Small Town Life

You may recall that last year we took our dog Sesame to the local vet for a rabies shot. We came back with a dog that was having 100 seizures a day, eyes bleeding, coughing, dying. After calling the vet I learned that she administered a host of shots without my knowing, charged me of course too. Our dog is 7, there was no need for any of the shots given. She almost died and still today seizes, we manage it with Belladonna. She seizes less. This doesn't stop the heartbreak every time I see them.

When I confronted the vet and asked why she gave those shots I reminded her I asked only for a rabies shot she said quite plainly, "You cant prove that." I knew then what I was dealing with.

This week our cat Scardy got skunked. When his behavior got unusually angry I looked him over and found what looks like a bite on him. His behavior is much like the description of rabies. I called the same local vet simply because the next nearest is 100 miles away and we considered this an emergency. We're concerned we may get it, the dog or the other cat. She denied me service.

I can't help but notice that her arrogance may prevent a problem for our local community. What if he has rabies? What other animals may be infected by her refusal to treat him? If not for me, or my cat, she owes it to the community she serves to contain the situation. When she denied me she did so knowing there is no other vet for 100 miles.

Herein lay the downside to small town life. Monopolies are common. When they occur behavior like this follows. We're driving the 100 miles tomorrow. It's probably for the better. Lets just hope things stay calm until then.


Joost Yervante Damad said...

I feel for you. I'm taking my pet (dog) to the vet tomorrow as well to have a tooth with an infection below it pulled. A 100 miles is crazy. There are probably 15 vets in a 10 mile radius here... I have to drive only 7 to go to my favorite.

JB SMITH said...

Is there no Hippocratic Oath for veterinarians? She may be breaking the law by not seeing you. I would check into it.

alwaysbackroads said...

Looks as if we may not have gotten any improvement over the previous vet - I didn't think it possible to get one as bad.
I think it's important to never let a vet be alone with your pet (wow - that sounds paranoid!).
Very sorry for Sesame. And your skunky cat. :)

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

I reported her to the health department.

Nick said...

I don't know if you would be able to get in, but Claire and I have appreciated the services we have received at http://www.manzanoanimalclinic.com/ here in ABQ.

Quixote Kid said...

Hope all goes well, a friend had to deal with a horse that had rabies and his family had to have those terrible rabie shots in the stomach.

Good luck!

King Al said...

Is this the hot springs animal clinic? I wonder if you've considered linking this post to a business review, maybe on zagat or google.

Mikey Sklar said...

Yes, Hot Springs Animal Clinic.

Good thought about adding a review to a more visible site.