Black Friday & Cyber Monday - The Reverend Has Something to Say

While Black Friday and Cyber Monday approach activist preacher Reverend Billy Talen winds up a sermon with a New York City spin. He is qualified to deliver the message. He is a New Yorker, part of the Occupy Sandy movement and he is out on the street helping people in the city put their lives back together. Today Billy is featured on Treehugger with a sermon spun for the occasion, the biggest shopping week of the year coming on the heels of Sandy.

Treehugger summarizes Billy's point. In our frenzied race to buy more and better stuff, that resource-intensive stuff, we're literally helping to conjure more powerful hurricanes, more floods. Scientists agree we're now heading toward a potentially catastrophic 4 degree C temperature rise by century's end. And especially those at the top and those not yet made homeless by a superstorm, don't much seem to care. We buy on. We drive on. We're mesmerized. 

Reverend Billy has been preaching and touring with his Church of Life After Shopping for about ten years. He just completed a book, The End Of The World (OR Publishing, 2013). He also contributed  to the foreword of my book, The Good Life Lab (June 2013 on Storey Publishing).  Keep an eye out for them both.

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Carlos said...

There is no accurate way to predict global temperatures next year much less 30-90 years from now. That said, we still need to find far more efficient ways to make and remake our limited resources on this planet. A lack of potable water and the acidification of the oceans are far more immediate threats that we can deal with in the near future by altering our resources usage.