Homemade Sleeping Pills

 I've been experimenting with mixes to make a natural sleeping pill. The mix Mikey and I like best is made up of valerian root, hops and kava. I mix the three together and fill size 0 capsules with this sweet little device for filling pills quick and easy. Kava is a nice one to mix into a sleeping pill because it is not only produces relaxation, it is also a blood cleaner and our bodies clean our blood at night.

Its ironic that our cat Scardy likes to help because he also likes to wake us up in the middle of the night, thus the sleeping pills!


Nat said...

That's probably cause valerian is like catnip to cats!
Have you tried passionflower, skullcap, and catnip in your sleeping mix? Those are great additions that I use all the time. Passionflower is a great anxiolytic = reduces anxiety.


Mikey Sklar said...

Haven't tried those in the sleeping pill mix. Does passionflower have the same taste as it does when used in cooking or is it a extract of a different type?

Nat said...

Hi Mikey,

I haven't heard of passionflower (actually the leaves) that is used in tea and sleeping mixes being used in cooking. Do you mean Passion Fruit? Same plant, different part. The leaves have a very neutral flavor, not bitter at all, very herby, so a good contrast to some of the other bitter herbs like valerian, kava, and hops in sleeping mixes.

Both the fruit and the leaf of passionflower contain the axiolytic compound passiflorine, though I think the fruit to a lesser degree. In Latin America parents will often give the fruit to kids before bedtime to calm them down since they're more likely to eat the fruit than drink the tea, is my guess.

I could send you some of the dried leaves from Hawai‘i if you would like, though you may be able to get Maypop, Passiflora incarnata to grow in TorC, in the summer at least, since it's a southern US native plant.