Tzatziki Perfect Summer Food

I can't believe we went through this entire summer without making tzatziki. It's such a simple dish and we always have such enormous amounts of raw yogurt in our fridge. This was made in a few minutes using strained raw yogurt, 1 peeled and de-seeded cucumber, crushed garlic, salt, olive oil and pepper. Our yogurt is super thick, not the thin goopy stuff so it lends itself to being the perfect tzatziki.


Cindy said...

Please share your yogurt recipe.

Maxcactus said...

Try a little fresh mint in the tzatziki. I bet that you will like it.

Mikey C said...

A little bit of finely minced lemon zest is a nice touch too, not so much that it tastes like lemon but just enough to brighten it up. I use this recipe http://allrecipes.com/recipe/tzatziki-ii/detail.aspx and add just a pinch of lemon zest.