Amazake by mikeysklar
Amazake, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.
I'm proud to say we have finished phase 2 of getting into more obscure fermentations. We saved the mold spores from our last koji batch to produce another batch of koji. We then took the mold pre-sporelation mixed it with cooked rice and held a temperature of 140F for 24 hours to produce amazake. What's cool about this process is that the mold (Aspergillus orzae) that we are using is converting the starch in the rice to sugar. Now that we have made Amazake we need to find a good recipe for drinking this sweet rice as a beverage. Any recommendations? I'm thinking ginger, lime maple syrup to start.

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nea said...

bake with it. use it as a sweetener. it will change the hydration but it'll also make dry recipes into rich / moist ones, like banana bread. its really good for this.

and it should be pretty good on its own. in the winter, boil some, then grate some ginger, punch of salt and enjoy.

Mikey Sklar said...

Good tips. I like the idea of baking with it in particular. The texture is a little too vomit like for me to enjoy it warm winter dish.