Extending the Fermentation Zone

We are slowly extending our fermentation abilities. Our china cabinet in the kitchen is teaming with fascinating bacteria and yeast colonies plus our oil and alcohol extracts. The most recent addition is the use of airlocks on our mason jars for to prevent over carbonization of our lacto-fermented kimchi. I'm hoping to use this new to me airlock setup for fermenting a variety of vegetables.

Extending the Fermentation Zone #2


Maxcactus said...

Mikey, are those lids of your manufacture or did you buy them with the holes and seals? If they hold a good seal they could be used to attach a vacuum pump and cause alcohol to boil off and concentrate a tincture or distill alcohol if the vapors were condensed. With a pint or quart jar one of those brake fluid pumps could be used to create the vacuum.

Mikey Sklar said...

Hi MaxC:

These are of my own making. I used the uni-bit in the second photo to drill them out and purchased the grommets from the hardware store.

I like your idea of using it vacuum pump with tincture and alcohol. I have a vacuum sealer that adapts to mason jars. I wonder if that would work.

Maxcactus said...
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