Decade Long Hair Cut

I've been cutting my hair and Mikeys for ten years. The first couple of years I trained my eyes and hands to reverse the flipped image of the mirror. With that obstacle out of the way things got easier. For a while I kept it simple, I cut my hair to a straight edge, no layers or textures. I dreded Mikey's hair.

But over time I've advanced my skill. Now I cut little flip ups in the front of Mikey's, really like a hedge I can create just about any shape on his curly hair.  I cut my own last week and then flew to Los Angeles to visit an old friend. In previous visits to see her we had made a habit of my getting a fancy haircut. At the LA salon I paid careful attention, watched the moves of the hairdresser and ask lots of questions. But this time she noticed my hair which I have recently learned to cut in textured layers, and she was surprised. She said that it was at least as good as the salon where she goes and pays between $100 and $200. I have arrived!


Cheapchick said...

Congrats! I have yet to reduce my hair cutting bill. Your hair does look great.

charlie b. said...

Looks good!! We've cut our own hair for years. I cannot even fathom paying $100-$200! ... Your luffas are up and growing btw. Yay!