Mr. Swampy Continues to Function

I'm still waiting for our swamp cooler to just fall off the side of our home onto the ground. However, until that happens this ancient swamp machine of at least 8 years continues to function. I replaced the pads for the first time this year and it's blowing some impressive cold air into our home. It's on for less than five hours a day as there is a thermostat hooked up to it. The power draw is about 1/5th that of a compressor based air conditioner. Works great until it gets humid.


Killbox said...

Fresh pads, and an occasional water changeout, (or dump pump), and a little rust mitigation(descaling, repainting, and berring oiling, those things can be kept operational for a good 12-20 years (pump and possibly motor failure is your biggest concern if the streucture is kept up)

Joel said...

If you were ever to grow an excess of loofa, I wonder if they might make good swamp cooler pads. I'm imagining them cut like a plywood factory cuts logs into veneer: a cut that spirals in from the outside, giving a layer about half an inch thick.