Leaf Curl: Creosote Anti Fungal

Last year I pulled a three year old pear tree due to leaf curl. This year it's neighboring tree has it too. I read that copper sulphate is a remedy. Since leaf curl is a fungal disease that hides in the soil I am about to try my own remedy. Creosote is a local plant, an anti fungal. Just so happens its blooming right now so I harvested a bunch of it and soaked it in 5 gallon buckets of water. Tomorrow I will apply it to the soil. I also put some branches of the plant around the base of the trees. Fingers crossed. More as it comes.


Starsquid said...

Copper sulfate helps because many kinds of fungi have problems with copper metabolism, but plants do not. I have used it before but it's hit or miss, in my opinion.

Pathogens in the soil can sometimes be "cooked" out, by wrapping the section in plastic and letting the temperatures get really high. But it would only work where the plants have been removed, not if you're trying to save one.

The flowers are just in room temperature water or hot/boiled?

Shalmanezer said...

Maybe chop up the creosote before soaking or maybe run it through a blender in an old blender jar.