Gila National Wilderness Hiking Trip

We spent two days at the Wilderness Lodge in the Gila National Forest this weekend. For those who are not in the know, The Gila Wilderness is every New Mexican's apocalyptic plan. With a pristine underground river and hundreds of thousands of acres of actual wilderness one can imagine restarting life there.

For our ten year anniversary we decided not to haul camping gear and booked a room at the Gila Wilderness Lodge; a huge old lodge with a shared kitchen, living room, porch and hot spring. We enjoyed meeting the other guests but the lodge left us a bit disappointed. The folks who run it told us the place was from 40 miles from Silver City and failed to mention that because of the severely windy roads that would take 2.5 hours to drive. This sort of thing matters a lot when your driving in the dark far and away from a town or gas station and on dark windy roads. They put us in their smallest room, hardly big enough for Sesame to sleep next to us on the floor and difficult to manage; we found ourselves climbing over our luggage to get to the bed. Though breakfast came with the nearly $100.00 a night rate the high fructose maple syrup mimic product being served indicated to me the quality of the food being served. Next time we'll try out Casitas de Gila or bring along our tent.

The Gila was perfectly beautiful in spite of serious recent fires. We heard amazing stories about them told folks who live there year round; a generation of old timer fire fighters and Apache Indians worked together to protect a border that led to the homes of the small community that lives there year round. The fire came within 1/2 a mile of their door.

Gila TripGila TripGila TripGila Trip

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