DIY Sleeping Pills: Kava, Hops, Valerian Root

We love mixing our own remedies and this year my valerian root will be ready to harvest so I will be able to swap one ingredient out for a home grown version. I picked up "0" size gel caps and a cute little device called Cap M Quick for loading the caps with powder. Needless to say the price for the final product is significantly less than what's available in stores, one tenth or less. We like being able to control what's in them too. We modify our mixes and try things out as our knowledge grows. The device I picked up is simple and it works. Here are the steps in images.

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Shalmanezer said...

Magnesium is also good for calming down and sleeping. Hard to grow at home but it's pretty cheap @ 10 cents per 500mg capsule.
And hibiscus tea is good for relaxing. Steep only about 3-4 minutes or it gets too astringent. For mild headache drink a cup and take a nap.