Dinasaur Finding Update

As Holy Scrap blog readers know last night Mikey and I found and reported a dinosaur skeleton on the beach in an area where the water recently recessed. Since our reporting it to the state park ranger Santa Fe's state parks department was informed and they reported it to the bureau of reclamation. Photos of the find were sent to all and an archeologist for the state is due to come down and check it out. Meanwhile the sites been 'hidden," that's what an archeologist at the state parks department told me. Wanting to know what that means, and being the only one who knows where it is, we went back to look. They did hide it. It's been covered over in tarps followed by industrious amounts of sand. It's been reburied and I must agree that a passer by would not notice.

Mikey and I have both noticed our attachment to it. Having given up the find we both want to be sure that its excavation is properly handled. We want to know who and what it is. After all, a creature who died many millions of years ago remained alone and unnoticed until meeting us. There is an unusual connection. I admit, upon unearthing it I found myself rubbing the bone on my face, an odd form of connection that came quite intuitively.

The archeologist at the state level was quite nice and assured we can stay connected and receive future reports. I am wondering about finders rights to name it. Wouldn't that be neat? So Holy Scrap readers, what would you name a dinosaur? We're thinking scrapasurus.


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JB SMITH said...

tyrannosaurus scrap

Claudia said...

What an amazing discovery!

Off the top of my head, all I can think of is rescraptor but you'll probably get more ideas once you find out what kind of dino you found.

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James James of Holy Scrap