Reasonably Priced Sixth Sense


I have been enamored with body alterations which have pragmatic value. Within my left forearm I now have a 8″ ruler tattoo that I often use to measure cable lengths and pipes pipe diameter. From the net of my left hand I’ve a RFID tag that I have used on house door locks and also for my own fire trampoline. Now I am sporting magnet rings so I can feel magnetic fields. I have tried two distinct versions of rings up to now. The magnet was powerful and the ring held up, but that I did not care for the appearance. A new friend from Seattle who flipped me on magnetic circles suggested I attempt a epoxy coated jar ring. I like the look, texture and size of this black epoxy ring. I also like that it isn’t conductive if I am working with live cables.


What can I feel?


Clearly I can tell when I am near a substance with a lot of iron. The ring frequently grabs door knobs, silver knives and aisles. Cooking with cast iron is getting a brand new challenge since the ring enjoys to snap from the alloy possibly burning my hands.

I feel mobile phone calls at a brand new way. The speaker brings on the ring closer to the telephone.

My favourite surprise feeling has been stirring a cup of hot buttered rum through christmas dinner and discovering a pulsing in my ringed hand which was holding the mug. Every time the metallic spoon left a trip round the mug I could feel it passing.

Last, the most extreme sensation I’ve felt is holding the electrical cord on the tea pot whilst heating water up. After the ring is within 1″ of this cord I think a strong vibration that’s disturbing. I have not experienced a bigger load.

I’ve yet to set the ring near any spinning motors such as lovers.

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