More Magnet Ring Tricks

More Magnet Ring Tricks by mikeysklar
More Magnet Ring Tricks, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

Magnet rings are useful for more than just detecting the presence and shape of a magnetic field. My four latest tricks are:

1. Pickup and carry USB drives
2. Pickup and carry car keys
3. After soldering thru-hole components the cut legs fly right onto the ring, not making a mess. This one makes me feel like a super hero.
4. Finally, fans are awesome. When I put my hand near a 40W Vornado the magnetic field is intense. I can feel the fan spinning from over 12" away.

More Magnet Ring Tricks #2More Magnet Ring Tricks #2

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Killbox said...

Picked one up at deal extreme, kinda enjoyed similar finds. you can tell if a transformer is powered up, you can feel security gates. feel the current in your home power meter. but i didn't like it when i was washing dishes and a knife lept to it, slicing my finger.