VW Tire Patch

VW Tire Patch by mikeysklar
VW Tire Patch, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

As I was heading out of town on Monday to pickup Wendy from a retreat I realized our Beetle had a tire low on air. I stopped by the local tire shop (Quality Tire) for a quick patch. $12 and 10 minutes later the car was ready to go. I had a nail which they quickly found.


Tarik Saleh said...

And hey, free nail!

Scooter said...

Oh man, have you thought about patching your own tires, i've always done my own. You can get a kit at the auto parts store, it comes with two tee handle tools, plugs and glue. Maybe I'm lucky but I've never had one re-leak.

Mikey Sklar said...


I'm all for DIY Car repair. However, I think it is important to look at what you are getting for your time. When I can hire a skilled car tire repair person to fix it it for $12 in 10 minutes I'm happy to pay.

The other side of it is when a window regular breaks and it's going to cost $300 or more plus travel time to a dealership I'm happy to take on the repair myself.

Don't sweat the small stuff.