Treating Health Care Like a Hackerspace

While watching Wendy interact with her Dr. friend over e-mail I got wondering. What would open health care look like?  Imagine consulting with the doctor of your choice on-line (e-mail / skype / etc), together going over symptoms and coming up with an idea around what may be going on and then testing out those ideas in physical place by having that doc prescribe services like blood tests, x-rays and MRI scans. We already have decentralized blood and xray labs and pharmacies. Why not decentralize medical equipment of all kinds. A system like this might bring the best in their field, located anywhere in the world to people who need them and for much lower costs. For the docs the viewing of images, video and data might be what is most appropriate, depending of course on the medical condition. Do docs need expensive offices and to see every patient in physical space? Maybe shared offices arranged like med centers can serve all docs in a given geography. Stocked with basic infrastructure they can fill the need for giving space were docs actually must see the patient.

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Julie said...

In terms of physical space, there have been recent trends to have clinics with more flexible exam spaces so that various doctors can provide services as needed.