Still Juicing

Still Juicing by mikeysklar
Still Juicing, a photo by mikeysklar on Flickr.

We have passed mid-October, but shhhh...The gaden doesn't know it. No frosts in the forecasts. I'm still harvesting apples, carrots, celery and beets for our morning juice. I'm just noting this on the blog for ourselves so we can see how late the summer garden goes each year before a frost gets us. I know you are tired of reading about us juicing.


Jaime S said...

I'm not tired of hearing about it, we had beetroot, carrot, ginger, apple, cucumber with celery from our garden. I'm inspired to plant more juicing crops and juice even more!

morgaineotm said...

what a difference altitude makes! Have already had a light frost here. nothing too severe, nipped the top of the bush beans and the zuchinni was definately unhappy. but it wasn't enough to put the tomatoes down completely. Looks like there will be enough green tomatoes to make another cobbler!