Procrastinate with Pants

I managed to procrastinate getting some needed writing done by altering 6 pairs of chords. I thought I was real clever last year when I bought a half dozen of my favorite brand chords from an ebay seller who sold them as new irregulars. I did get them for a steal, all 6 pair for under a hundred bucks. A fancy brand, they retail for $170.00 each. The bummer is that the leg on them is wide. I pride myself on not caving for trend, but I really prefer my pants not to have bells swinging around at the bottom. I dig the narrow leg style that's trendy. So today I modified all 6 pair into a straight leg. After so many years of being a sewing hack, I think I'm finally getting good at it. I modified all six in an hour and a half.


Just Me Jody said...

hmm me thinks that beautiful "black puddy" helped, hmm not bad though!! :-)

Amy said...

im just curious, what brand are they?

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

adrian goldschmied