Gravity Free Tea Gets Higher

My favorite tea is a blend that we make and sell in our on line store, it's called Gravity Free. That's how it makes me feel, light. Happy. It's an especially good women's blend with tulsi in it, a women's basil. Today, after harvesting a massive pile of holy basil I made myself a pot with fresh plant: tusi, mint, mullein and hibiscus. This time, with loads of lemon verbena nearby, I added it for a zing. Wowsa! I think I'm going to revise my recipe! This is crazy good.


jodi said...

My home blend is made of tulsi, nettle, mint and calendula blossom... I drink it every day and love it! It feels so nourishing and makes me happy, happy :) I recently dried some lemon verbena, will have to add some next time I make a brew to check it out. Here's to the homegrown goodness!

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

cheers girlfriend!~