Checkout My New Keyboard and Mouse

This is a universal remote that can act as a wireless USB keyboard and mouse. I've been using it on my Ubuntu box for the CNC. It also works on my OSX laptop. It's running on native drivers with no fiddling about required. I love how I can reclaim more desk space from the old clunky keyboard and mouse which I was rarely using. It's called the Rii Mini i6 and sells for about $40.


PJ said...

I've got an earlier version of that keyboard that I used with my media center, and it's fantastic. I only use it for short periods each day, but the battery seems to last forever. Mine has an integrated laser pointer which we use with the cats, but now I can't turn on the keyboard without coughing or making some noise, because as soon as they hear the click the come out running, looking for the little red dot :D

Mikey Sklar said...

The device surprised me in that it just worked. I'm used to having to tinker with third party wireless stuff endlessly and this thing didn't need any of that. I didn't even have to charge the battery or open the manual. I am also impressed in just how quickly it recovers from being turned off. As soon as I flip the on-switch from the keyboard I'm able to type. No negotiating or handshakes it's just working.