What's In Your Mailbox?

Here's a photo of the mail that arrived today. What fun! It includes four letters. One is reusable with a slip in paper that can be swapped out so that the card can be used again and again, it came from Melbourne Australia; another contains a card and two kinds of stickers "reject" and "ok." My friend sent these for marking approval of things in and around the public space. The third package contains real cacao, filbert nuts and a tea locally made in Portland. These are thank you gifts from friends who spend a couple of days here (note: this is the right way to say thank you!). The final package contains two huge bags, one of dried mint the other lemon balm (although she wrote lemon basil). Both came from Mikey's mom's garden. She grew more than she needed.

HS blog readers what can you tell me about my mailbox? It's all fun and contains no bills. This is the result of a continued effort to uncommodify my life and in particular my mailbox. I consider the box my personal space and I am determined to choose it's vibe. I like handwritten letters and gifts and so I decided that is what I would have in my mailbox. I don't like bills or advertisements. Every time I get an advertisement or junk mail I write or call the sender and put an end to it. I rarely get any junk mail. I receive bills electronically. Since I hand write letters and send gifts many do the same to me. It is that simple.

The mailbox can and should be a place of wonder and surprise not dread.

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charlie b. said...

That is fun mail! My mailbox is pretty boring. With our own business, we’d get twice the unneeded junk and way too many catalogs. I also called each company to get off their list, and our mail is now pretty minimal. For years, I’ve taken care of taxes, business and personal bills online, and I’ve never had any security problems. Friends... well, they don’t even like e-mailing and prefer calling (but thank God not texting!).