In Spite of Drought

In spite of drought we have had a great garden year. We did water about 4X as much as in previous years but found that it was worth it. We could not have obtained the organic veggies that we grew even for the price of the extra water. I also love gardening and would have been sad without one. As summer begins to transition to fall I am excited to see cool crops that I underplanted a couple to a few weeks ago emerge below the spent plants I plucked.

Images: two of about a dozen of our beds


Andrew Hunt said...

In a desert situation when there is drought, what water reclamation strategies have you been able to experiment with since you arrived in NM?

I noticed how low the river has been from your photos, curious to how it affects your own hotspring.

Have you tried using/experimenting with atmospheric water collecting units before?

What happens when there's no water?

Wendy Jehanara Tremayne said...

we're going to try a pond to clean the hot spring water so that it can at least be used for irrigation (if not drinking). and we catch rainwater for irrigation.

what kind of atmospheric collectors are you thinking of? we have only 5% humidity so i don't think our atmosphere is holding any water.

Andrew Hunt said...

Yikes, 5% humidity! I was curious how an air-well would condense water in the desert, but at 5% humidity I wonder if you even get dew.

I've always been inspired by Frank Herbert's Dune and transforming arid regions, which is why I posited the query on condensers as I currently live in a rather humid location ( but love the desert), without an adequate environment to try them all!

I'll just share a reference in the meantime:

I sometimes wonder how a hot spring, air well duo could work.

Andrew Hunt said...

There are a lot of other dehumidifiers, moisture to potable water units out there... Ecoblue, dewpoint, come to mind. I'd like to see a larger system at work, modded with solar - so I thought it could be a possible water collection method in a homestead situation.

You did say you were in a drought too so I can see how they would be less effective, but I did see that you do have an average 40~% humidity in NM, could work.

Andrew Hunt said...

Here's a manufacturer of a solar unit:

Andrew Hunt said...

One last one :) :